Class 1-2/1-3 Lesson 9 & 10

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  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Incorporate basic techniques into multi-shot drills involving movement
  • Develop basic game knowledge

Lesson Focus

  • Refine basic shots while practicing footwork
  • Games – apply skills into game scenarios

Warm Up (10min)

  • Running forward to one wall and backwards back to the starting point 3x
  • High knees; butt kickers 1x
  • Side shuffles 2x
  • Karaoke 2x
  • Lunges with side twist 2x
  • Ankle and wrist twists 2x
  • Sprints 3x


  • Warmup without rackets
  • Increases heart rate and blood flow

Footwork – Partner Point Forecourt (15min)

  • 20 corners, 5 sets
  • One partner stands at the front and points either the right or left
  • Worker moves to the correct corner and does a shadow swing while utilizing proper footwork
  • Afterwards worker returns to the center of the court and waits for the pointer to point again


  • The worker should split step when the partner points before moving to the correct corner
  • The worker should lunge when they swing, while keeping their non-dominant hand extended behind them to stay balanced
  • The worker should move back to the center of the court before moving to the next corner
  • Coaches should check the footwork of the workers

Break (5min)

  • Grab partner and hit after break

Technique Practice – Serve/Net/Lift (20 min)

  • Full court – 3 to a court
  • Feeder and lifter are on one side of the court, while the netter is on the other side
  • Feeder backhand low serve crosscourt to the netter
  • Netter hits a straight net shot to the lifter
  • Lifter hits a straight lift shot
  • 5 shots then rotate clockwise (feeder becomes lifter, lifter becomes netter, etc)Once everyone has gone, switch to the other side of the court


  • Feeder should aim to serve just past the service line
  • Netter should net shot as tight to the net as possible
  • Lifter should lift high and aim between the back two lines
  • Encourage the feeder to take their time when serving
  • Netter and lifter must return to center after each shot
  • Coaches should check the technique of  EACH student

Technique Practice – Net Shot Game (5min)

  • One pair on each half courtHalf court net game
  • Only the area in front of the service line is in, but serves have to be past it
  • Winner of each point serves
  • Games up to 11 points


  • Game may seem confusing to some students, so coaches should provide a demonstration
  • Remind students that their racquet cannot touch the net

Cleanup & Break (5min)

Games – Doubles (25min)

  • Games up to 21
  • Coaches assign pairings and games
  • Coaches provide coaching in between rallies on strategy as well as technical corrections
  • Losing pair does 10 burpees


  • Make sure teams are balanced and fair
  • Provide a refresher on how to play doubles if players forget
  • Coaches may play if there is an odd number of players

Cool Down Stretch (5min)

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin

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