Class 1-2/1-3 Lesson 16

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  • Intermediate
  • 12 students – 8 to 14 years old
  • Understand how to clear, drop, smash, net shots, lift but need lot of refining of techniques

Lesson Focus:

  • Practice basic shots – lifting & dropping
  • Games – about 4 to 5 of them are playing in school teams


Feel free to take more time between drills and see if they need longer breaks

Warm Up (10 mins):

  • Running forward to one wall and backwards back to the starting point 5x
  • Sideways 2x
  • Butt Kickers 2x
  • Lunges with side twist 1x
  • Inch-worms – to end of 2nd court then walk back 1x


Getting them warmed up for footwork

Footwork – Partner Pointing – Four Corners (15 mins)

  • Two in a group. One pointer, one worker.
  • Pointer stands at the front and points to any of the front or back corner
  • Work does the proper footwork to the front/back of the court corner then recovers to the middle
  • Repeat 12x then switch


  • Point the racquet up for the back corners, and point behind you for the front corners
  • The worker should start with a split steps then move to the front/back immediately when the partners points.
  • The pointer should point at the last minute so the worker has to change direction quickly – the worker house not “see/anticipate” which direction to move to next until they are almost done recovering back to the middle

Breaks (2 mins)

  • Tell students to grab a partner and hit when they are ready

Technique Practice – Forehand High Serve & High Clear (15 mins)

  • Two in a group on a half court. One feeder and one worker.
  • The feeder serves high (straight) and far back of the opposite court.
  • The worker move back by begin with a split step then body turn side way and shuffle to the back court.
  • The worker then do a straight clear with scissor kick
  • The worker should target hitting the bird to the last two lines in the opposite court
  • The worker have to recover back to the middle court after hit
  • 15 birds a set, switch role after. 3 x


  • Feeder strikes the bird in front and to the side of their body.
  • Feeder should target to send the bird to between the last two lines.
  • Worker must move back and hit in front of their body. Not on top of their head or behind their body.
  • Worker’s elbow and arm must raise to high contact point
  • Worker pay attention to arm pronation to generate power to hit
  • Feeder restart serve after worker move back to the middle of the court

Technique Practice – Forehand Drop Shot & Forehand Net Kill (18 mins)

  • Group of three. Two feeders and one worker
  • One feeder do forehand high server to the back of the opposite court
  • The other feeder feed the bird to the net for net kill
  • The worker move to the back to do a drop shot, recover, watch the net return then move forward to net kill with forehand. After that, recover to the middle of the court.
  • 3 mins time drill then rotate. Coach to keep the time and call to switch


  • Worker must maintain body balance to the front to keep the momentum to go forward
  • Feeder for net, start feeding after worker recovered from drop shot. Feeding for net can be high to let worker come forward to kill.
  • Feeder for high server, start feeding when worker return to the base
  • Coaches pay attention to all students grip. Everyone should use forehand grip/V-grip.
  • Pay attention to the worker drop shot. do not bend the wrist

Clean up birds and break (2 mins)

Games – King’s Court (15min)

  • Half court singles
  • King’s court is a full court game.
  • 3 mins one round. There will be 5 rounds
  • Players with more points move up towards the King’s court. While the other player move down away from King’s court
  • Loser of each round does 10 push-ups
  • Emphasize on technique practiced early. High Server, Clear, Drop Shot and Net Kill


  • Put the weaker players near the King’s court, and put the stronger players near the bottom
  • Coaches keep track of time and make sure the losers do their push-ups
  • A coach can play as “King” if there’s an odd number of students
  • If there are too many players, whoever wins at King’s court can take a break for one round

Games – Doubles (10 mins)

  • Group them into relative equal strength groups
  • One round of double to 21 points


  • Separate siblings in different pairs/group
  • Coaches assist in scoring and games rules

Cool Down Stretch (5 mins)

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin


  • Review the techniques learned today

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