Class 1-1 Lesson 17

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  • Beginner

Lesson focus

  • Teach them how to do a forehand lift properly
  • Games – apply what they learned into a game

Warm Up (10 mins)

Run 3 laps around the gym.

Green Light, Red Light with the following:

  • High Knees 1x
  • Butt kick 1x
  • Side shuffles 1x
  • Karaoke 1x
  • Lunges 1x
  • Ankle and wrist twists
  • Sprints 1x


  • Warmup without rackets
  • Increase hear rate and blood flow
  • Change the number of warmup exercises based on athleticism of students. Push them just enough that they feel they worked hard for it.

Break (2 mins)

Calf Touch Games (15 mins)

  • Group of two
  • Have them line up facing each other
  • The objective of the game is to try touch the opponent’s calf while avoiding theirs
  • The game can be scored


  • To encourage them the losing one has to run 3 laps around the gym
  • Make sure there is enough room between the pairs, do not have them run into each other
  • They should be only using lunges and chasse steps for the movement
  • Only moving back and forth

Technique Practice – Forehand Lift (15 mins)

  • 2-3 students and a coach on each court.
  • Coach to feed the shuttles
  • One student is hitter. Try to do forehand lift to send the shuttle as far and high as possible toward the baseline
  • One student is catching the shuttle at the baseline
  • One student is making the shuttles into rows
  • Feeder throw underarm to simulate drop shot for students to execute a lift
  • Feeder should throw only when the hitter is ready
  • 20 shuttles then rotate role


  • Coaches demo the drill first
  • Coach be aware of left handed students for forehand lift
  • Coach to modify drill to ensure all students are involved
  • Feeding should be at the right height
  • When contacting the shuttle, the hitter should time the landing with their feet
  • Check the technique and stance of the hitter

Forehand Lift Merry Go Round (15 mins)

  • Split students into two teams (Group of 4-6)
  • The coaches are the feeders and assistant coaches can help make rows
  • The feeder feeds the shuttle at the right pace and height for students to execute forehand lift
  • The students start , chasse step and lunge and hit a forehand life
  • After a student hits the, the student quickly exit the court from the side line and re-join the line
  • Keep score on who can hit the most times in a row
  • Losers do however punishment the coach sees fit


  • The feeder must provide adequate time for workers to move and hit
  • The feeder takes note of left handed students and feed to correct side to do forehand lift
  • The student must have their racket in the ready position with their front arm up
  • The student extend arm and racket when move toward shuttle
  • Coaches should check the technique and footwork of the students

Cleanup & Break (5 mins)

Games – King’s Court (25 min)

  • Half court games
  • King’s court is a full court game
  • 4 mins each games, then player with more points moves up toward the King’s court while the other player moves down


  • Start the weaker players near the King’s court, and the stronger players near the bottom
  • Coaches keep track of time
  • A coach can play as King of if there’s an odd number of students
  • If there are too many players, whoever wins at the court next to King’s court take a break for one round

Cool Down Stretch and Review (5 mins)

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin


  • Review what technique learned today
  • Talk about what went well today and what didn’t
  • Ask for the student’s feedback on the drills and the games
  • Socialize with them

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