Class 1-1 Lesson 5 & 6

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  • Beginner

Lesson Focus:

  • Net
  • Lunge Form

Warm Up (5mins)

  • Jog 5 laps around the gym
  • Notes:
    • To warm up for first exercise
    • Increase heart rate

Balance & Throw (10mins)

  • 5 sets of 2 mins switch legs every minute
  • Groups of two
    • One pair per half court/court
    • 1 shuttle/beanbag per pair
  • One person on the service line and the other person on the singles serving line
  • Each person tosses the shuttle/beanbag to their partner while maintaining their balance on one foot
    • Catches/tosses with one hand (racket hand)
  • To increase the difficulty, a partner can throw slightly to the side of their partner


  • Improve balance

Balancing Shuttles (15mins)

  • 3 sets of 3 mins
  • 6 mins of relay
  • Each person gets a shuttle
  • Spread out along the baseline
  • Place the shuttle on their heads
  • While balancing the shuttle on the top of their heads, they will take large lunges and try to reach the end of the gym
    • If the shuttle drops they return to the baseline and restart
  • For a challenge, they can practice using only their racket leg
  • Game: relays (groups of 3-4)


  • Encourages good posture
  • Practices lunge technique

Break (5mins)

  • Get racquet after break

Having a Lunge (9min)

  • 3 sets of 3 mins
  • Line up on service line and back singles service line, facing the net
  • Lunge forward using racket leg and hold out racket shadowing a net shot, while keeping the back leg 
  • Coaches will clap at moderate speed and students will lunge every time 
  • Coaches should walk around makingĀ  corrections
    • Heel touches the ground first 
    • Foot facing the direction of where they are shadowing 
    • Keep the back leg straight


  • Practicing lunge and net technique

Introduction to Net Shots – Backhand & Forehand Side (20min)

  • Groups of 2
    • Either 1 shuttle per group or rows of 12 shuttles
    • 1 half court per pair
  • One person tosses the shuttle high over the net and the partner lunges forward and receives it with a net shot, starting with the backhand
    • If its too difficult to lunge and net shot it, then stand in place and net without the lunge, then progress to net shot with a lunge 
  • 4 sets of 5 mins
    • Alternate to forehand after 2 set


  • Practicing lunging while do a net shot

Playing a Net Rally (20mins)

  • 4 sets of 5 mins (change sides at the second set)
  • Groups of 2
    • Each pair one shuttle 
    • Half court per pair 
  • Rally using net shots and lunging forward
    • Stay at the front court


  • Using net shots and lunges to continue a rally

Stretching/Cool Down (duration depends on the amount of time left)

  • Sit down, feet together and reach forward 
  • Legs as apart as possible, reach for each foot then center 
  • One arm across the body and the other arm pulls it closer to the body


  • Stretch muscles

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