Class 1-4 Lesson 17 & 18

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  • Intermediate level age between 9 – 15
  • Incorporate basic techniques into multi-shot drills involving movements
  • Develop basic game knowledge

Lesson Focus

  • Proper movement from to the rear court and moving forward to the front court.
  • Revision on Clear, Drop and Net technique
  • Games – apply skills into game

Warm Up (10 min)

  • Running forward to one wall and back to the starting point 3x
  • Games – apply clear skills into game scenarios
    • Students split into team of two and each team take a half court
      Place 4 shuttles on the center line
    • Students try to keep their court free if shuttles by throwing shuttles over to the opposite court
    • Throwing should replicate a clear shadow swing
    • Only throw shuttle with racket hand and one shuttle at a time
    • Each game take 30 seconds
    • Switch up opponents after each game
    • Coach to call time

Footwork Drill: 4 corners movement (15 min)

  • Coaches to demonstrate the correct footwork moving to 4 corners and return to the base
  • Movement should include:
    • Begin with directional split step, with body position heading to the direction of the corner
    • Sideway shuffle/Chasses step to the corner
    • When arrive, execute a shadow net shot (front corners) and shadow clear shot (rear corners)
    • Recover body balance
    • Move back to the center court with chasse step, arrive with a split step
  • Students work in group of two on a half court, take turn to practice
  • Each student does 3 rounds (right front corner – right rear corner – left rear corner – left front corner), repeat for 5 sets


  • Each coach look after one court, observe students follow the instruction
  • Stop the students and correct them if notice them not doing it right or missing steps

2 min break

Technique: Drop, Net, Lift (20 min)

  • Continue on Drop, Net and Lift drill for another two lessons but in a king of court mode
  • Group of 2, each group take a half court
  • Student A starts the drill with high serve
  • Student B moves back to execute drop shot
  • Student A moves up to execute net shot
  • Student B moves up to execute lift
  • Continue this pattern drill until the shuttle landed on the court. Student failed to keep the rally going lost a point to the other.
  • High serve and lift target to land between the last two lines on the rear court
  • Use proper footwork to move forward and backward. i.e: Chasses step, or cross over but no running
  • 3 mins per round and repeat for 6-7 round. Winner move up, loser move down.


  • This drill combined drop shot, net and lift techniques learned in the past.
  • Coaches pay attention to all students executing the shot especially on grip, high serve, drop shot and net shot
  • Coaches can join in to help keep the rally going if there are less than 12 students

2 min break

Games (30 min)

Singles/Doubles with coaches assist to umpire and keep score

Cool Down/Stretching (5 min)

  • Review today lesson with the students
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin

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