Class 1-1 Lesson 23

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  • Beginner

Lesson Focus

  • Continue to help kids to understand and improve their badminton stroke

Warm Up (10 mins)

Run 3 laps back and forth from one wall to the other wall.

Relay Race

  • Karaoke 1x
  • Side shuffle twice and Jump 1x
  • High Knees 1x
  • Butt Kickers 1x
  • Forward shuffle and backward shuffle 1x
  • Lunges with side twist 1x


  • Warm up without rackets
  • Increases heart rate and blood flow

Water Break (5 mins)

Scissor Jump Revision (10 mins)

  • Student stand sideway on the line
  • With body weight on racket foot
  • On the coach signal, student makes a scissor jump and moves forward after landing
  • Execute first without chasse backward
  • Progress with two chasse steps before scissor jump

Focus on:

  • Weight on the racket leg
  • Kick through
  • Landing on the non-racket foot
  • Movement forward

Fast Feed (10 mins)

  • Students spread out facing the coaches
  • Each exercise start slowly to establish correct technique
  • On the signal from the coaches, students increase the speed to the maximum while maintain the movement pattern
  • Examples:
    • Jogging on the spot to sprint
    • Split steps slow to fast
    • Cross steps
    • Two steps forward and two steps backward

The Smash Part 1 (10 mins)

  • Coaches to demonstrate smash to student
  • Prepare:
    • Forehand grip
    • Relaxed ready position
    • Step back to load rear leg, sideway stand with racket arm on the back
    • Raise non-racket arm for balance
  • Execution:
    • Rotate body
    • Throw racket head powerfully, pronate forearm
    • Contact shuttle in front of the body with racket face angled downward
  • Follow through:
    • Follow through downward to opposite side of body
    • Bring non-racket foot forward after contact
  • All students line up in a row to practice shadowing the smash
  • Students begin movement on coaches signal
  • Coaches to give feedback to students on correct movement


  • Shadow smash on stationary position
  • Progress to smash drill when students able to follow instructions

The Smash Part 2 (20 mins)

  • Students work in group of 2-3 to practice smash with shuttles
  • Coaches feed the shuttles with high serve, students practice the smash
  • Students waiting for their turn pick up the shuttles and make into a row
  • Row of 10 birdies, 3 sets each


  • Coaches can hand feed if students are unable to move into the right position to smash. i.e. smash with shuttles on stationary position
  • Focus on contact point in front of body, hitting downward and finish with movement forward

Games (20 mins)

  • Coaches play with students in a double game. Meanwhile, the coach can teach them double rules. Or
  • Play around the world. Coaches vs students. Coaches only lift or clear. Students can clear ,drop or smash.

Cool Down Stretch and Review (5 mins)

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin


  • Review what technique learned today
  • Talk about what we went well today and what didn’t
  • Ask for the student’s feedback on the drills and the games
  • Socialize with them

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