Class 1-1 Lesson 11 & 12

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  • Beginner

Lesson Focus:

  • Reaction time
  • Control of speed and direction

Warm Up

  • Jog 5 laps around the gym


  • To warm up for the first exercise
  • Increase heart rate

Tag Game

  • create a rectangular boundary using cones (or lines on the floor)
  • 1-2 people are “it” and will try to tag the “runners”
    • if a runner is tagged, they will have to run 2 laps around the gym before rejoining the game 
    • if a runner steps out of the boundary, they will also have to run 2 laps around the gym before rejoining


  • Warm up

Chasse Game (Mirror Chase)

  • 5 sets of 2 mins 30 seconds break in between set 3 and 4 
  • Groups of two
    • If there is an odd number, groups of three (2 “chasers” and 1 “leader”)
    • Half/full court per pair
  • One person of each pair will be the “leader” and their goal is to get rid of the “chaser”, they’re only allowed to shuffle sideways but can change the direction (left/right) whenever they want and at any speed
    • They begin in the middle of the court, facing each other and perpendicular to the net, and their range is the front service line to the singles serving line in the back of the court 
  • The other person(s) are the “chasers”, they are parallel to the “leader” and copies whichever direction they go
    • Their goal is to match the “leader”’s speed and direction


  • To train reaction
  • Learning how to control, speed and direction

Break (5min)

  • Get racket after break

Chasses & Hit (forehand/backhand)

  • Groups of 4-5
    • Rows of 20 (shuttles)-
  • 1 feeder, the rest are the workers
    • Feeder stands between service line and the net, the workers make a line behind the service line 
    • Feeder tosses the shuttle to the workers’ forehand side for them to shuffle to the shuttle and receive it with a forehand grip
      • After they return the shot, they move to the end of the line
    • To increase the difficulty, set up a target for the workers to return the shot to
  • Switch to backhand after everyone has fed the forehand side


  • Getting used to moving towards the shuttle and returning it to a designated area

Stretching/Cool down (Leftover time)

  • sit down, feet together and reach forward 
  • legs as apart as possible, reach for each foot then center 
  • one arm across body and other arm pulls it closer to body


  • Stretch muscles

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