Class 1-1 Lesson 16

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  • Beginner

Lesson Focus

  • Teach them how do a backhand lift properly
  • Games – apply what they learned into a game

Warm Up (10 mins)

  • Run 3 laps around the gym. You can change the number of times based on the athleticism of students
  • Green light, Red light
  • High knees 1x
  • Butt kickers 1x
  • Side shuffles 1x
  • Karaoke 1x
  • Ankle and wrist twist
  • Sprints 1x


  • Warmup without rackets
  • Increase heart rate and blood flow
  • Change the number of warmup exercise based on athleticism of students. Don’t make them pass out. Push them just enough they feel they worked hard for it.

Break (2 mins)


  • Change the time according to the students need. Usually not longer than 5 mins.
  • You may take attendance at this time
  • Students don’t need the break can start rallying

Shuttle Run Team Game (15 mins)

  • Split students into two teams
  • Have them line up to race
  • The first pair comes and runs to pick up the shuttle and runs back
  • Please change movement to pickup and place the shuttle to footwork related. i.e.: backward running, chasses steps, sideway and jump & etc.
  • Repeat until one team has won


  • To encourage them the losing team has to run 3 laps around the gym
  • Make sure there is enough room between the teams, do not have them run into each other
  • Safety comes first.

Back Hand Lift (15 mins)

  • 4 teams of 3 students each team has their court
  • A coach look after a team and be the feeder
  • A student do the back hand lifts
  • A student is gathering the birds
  • A student is making the birds into rows
  • Coach feeding from the net of the other side of the court
  • Students move to retrieve the shuttle and do back hand lift. Send the shuttle to as high and far as possible
  • 20 birds then rotate


  • Coaches do a demonstration before proceeding with the drill
  • When contacting the bird, the worker should time the landing with their feet and hit the bird at the same time.
  • Pay attention to the grip.
  • If student cannot move and hit. Change the drill get student station and feed right to the student racket

Back Hand Lift Challenge (15 mins)

  • Group of two on a half court
  • The feeder and worker are at the front and the center of the court
  • The feeder feeds the bird for back hand lift at the right level for the worker
  • The worker start with split steps when the feeder tosses
  • The worker uses a chasse step to move toward the bird, always end with a lunge with dominant leg
  • The worker mimics a back hand wing, then returns to the center
  • 10 shots then switch (Server and worker switch roles)
  • Keep score of how many birds reach the double lines at the opposite side of the court
  • Loser does however punishment the coach sees fits


  • The feeder tosses birdies when the worker back to the base
  • The worker must have their racket in the ready position in front of their body
  • The worker extend their arm and racket when reach for the bird
  • The worker flicks their wrist and contacts the bird at their knee level
  • The worker allows the racket follow through after hit
  • Coaches check the feeding of the feeders, and the students technique and footwork

Clean Up and break (5 mins)

Games – King’s Court (25 mins)

  • Half-court singles games
  • 3 mins games each round. At the end of 3 minutes, the students with more points moves up toward the King’s court while the other students moves down
  • The loser of each round does 10 push-ups (Coach to decide if this is necessary)


  • Put the weaker players near the King’s court, and put the stronger players near the bottom
  • Coaches keep track of time and make sure the losers do their push-ups
  • A coach can play as “King” if there’s an off number of students
  • If there are too many players, whoever wins at King’s court can take a break for one round

Cool Down Stretch and Review (5 mins)

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin


  • Review what technique learned today
  • Talk about what went well today and what didn’t
  • Ask for the student’s feedback on the drills and the games
  • Socialize with them

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