Class 1-4 Lesson 11 & 12

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  • Intermediate level age between 9 – 15
  • Incorporate basic techniques into multi-shot drills involving movements
  • Develop basic game knowledge

Lesson Focus:

  • Proper movement from to the rear court and moving forward to the front court.
  • Acquiring drop shot technique
  • Games – apply skills into game

Warm Up (10 min)

  • Running forward to the side of the first court, running backward to the starting line. Repeat to the second court, then return and the third court.
  • Sideway shuffles, going forward, come back backward x 2
  • Karaoke x 2
  • Shuffle, Shuffle, jump x 1


  • Warmup without rackets
  • Increases heart rate and blood flow

1 min break

Footwork Drill: 4 points corner movement (15 min)

  • Coaches to demonstrate the correct footwork moving to 4 corners and return to the base
  • Movement should include:
    • Begin with directional split step, with body position heading to the direction of the corner
    • Sideway shuffle/Chasses step to the corner
    • When arrive, execute a shadow net shot (front corners) and shadow clear shot (rear corners)
    • Recover body balance
    • Move back to the center court with chasse step, arrive with a split step
  • Students work in group of two on a half court, take turn to practice
  • Each student does 3 rounds (right front corner – right rear corner – left rear corner – left front corner), repeat for 5 sets


  • Each coach look after one court, observe students follow the instruction
  • Stop the students and correct them if notice them not doing it right or missing steps

Forehand Dropshot (30 min)

  • The last 2 lessons students have been practicing dropshot. We will let them practice for two more lessons
  • Coach to explain the dropshot:
    • Where: Dropshots go downwards from your rearcourt into forecourt or mid-court of your opponent
    • When: The shuttle is above net height in the rearcourt
    • Why: To bring opponent forwards, aiming to create space in the rear court and to force a weak return
  • Coaches to demonstrate how to do a dropshot base on the information above
  • Preparation:
    • Basic grip
    • Racket in overhead ready position
    • Front arm up
    • Sideways stance
    • Partners are on diagonally opposite sides of the net
  • Backswing
    • Drive up and forwards off rear leg
    • Push rear hip forwards
    • Rear shoulder and upper arm move upwards and forwards
    • Upper and lower arm rotate outwards
    • Wrist bends
  • Forward Swing
    • Upper and lower arm rotates inwards
    • Wrist straightens
    • Reach to strike shuttle above/slightly in front of striking shoulder
    • Just prior to hitting rotation of arm stops – push through the shuttle
  • Follow through
    • Rear foot lands to become the new front foot
  • Group of two; one feeder and one worker, taking half of the court. (One court with two feed and two worker.
  • All feeders stand on the same side of the court and workers stand on the opposite
  • Feeder does high server for worker to practice drop shot
  • Roll of 10 shuttles, repeat for 10 sets


  • Coaches assist feeding if students unable to do high serve consistently
  • Coaches can alter the drill to use hand feed if student need to start with stationary drill

Games (25 min)

  • Singles/Doubles with coaches assist to umpire and keep score

Cool Down/Stretching (5 min)

  • Review today lesson with the students
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin

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