Class 1-4 Lesson 7 & 8

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  • Intermediate level age between 9 – 15
  • Incorporate basic techniques into multi-shot drills involving movements
  • Develop basic game knowledge

Lesson Focus:

  • Proper movement to the rear court
  • Acquiring correct clear stroke
  • Games – apply skills into game

Warm Up (10 min)

  • Running forward to one wall and backwards back to the starting point 3x
  • Karaoke 2x
  • Sideway shuffles, going forward, come back backward x 2
  • Shuffle, Shuffle, Jump 1x
  • High knees; butt kickers 1x
  • Lunges with side twist 1x


  • Warmup without rackets
  • Increases heart rate and blood flow

1 min break

Footwork Drill: Moving to the rear corners with shadow clear (15 min)

  • Coaches to demonstrate the footwork movement from the center court to the right hand rear corner. Then, return to the center court. After that, move to the left hand back court corner, and return to the center court.
  • Movement should include:
    • Begin with directional split step, with body position heading to the direction of the corner
    • Sideway shuffle/Chasses step to the right hand rear corner
    • When arrive, execute a shadow clear shot with scissor kick
    • Recover body balance
    • Move back to the center court with chasse step, arrive with a split step
    • Repeat the above for moving to the left hand rear corner and return
  • Focus on:
    • Adapt the correct movement
    • Begin with slower pace (This is not a race)
    • Contact point for shadow clear shot be high and in front of body. Not sideway swing
    • High contact point for shadow clear
  • Students work in group of two on a half court, take turn to practice
  • Each student do 5 round (moving right – center – left – center), repeat for 5 sets


  • Each coach look after one court, observe students follow the instruction
  • Stop the students and correct them if notice them not doing it right or missing steps
  • Student must move to in between the last two lines on the back then shadow clear with scissor kick

1 min break

Forehand High Serve (15 min)

  • Two pairs on a court
  • Partners are on diagonally opposite sides of the net
  • One partner serves and the other collects birdies
  • The partner with the birdies high serves 20 shots
  • The other partner picks up 20 birdies 
  • The other partner high serves 20 shots and the first partner collects them
  • 20 shots then switch (Server and collector switch roles)
  • Keep rotating until coaches call time


  • Server should serve high and aim between the two lines in the backcourt
  • When contacting the birdie, the server should accelerate the racket head by pronating forearm and straightening wrist to achieve more power
  • Server should also transfer their weight from back foot to front foot to achieve more power
  • Racket and birdie must start in an elevated position to conceal the motive of the serve
  • Check the technique and stance of the servers

Technique Drill: Serve and Clear (20 min)

  • This drill combines two techniques practiced in the earlier drills
  • Coaches to demonstrate moving to the both side rear corners from center court, execute a clear shot and return to the center court (base)
  • Group of 3 to 4
  • Two feeders and one worker. The other student pick up birdies and make them to into rolls.
  • Worker starts on a half court, two feeders on the opposite court (mid court)
  • Feeder 1 begin drill with straight high server, worker move to the rear corner and execute a clear shot, then return to the base
  • When worker back to the base, feeder 2 serves straight to the other rear corner. Worker moves to the rear corner and execute a clear shot, then return to the base
  • Worker to target clear shot landed after the second last line on the opposite court
  • Feeders to target serve high and far, land in between the last two lines on the worker’s court
  • Each feeder take 5 shuttles. Rotate role after worker finished 10 shots
  • 5 sets for each students


  • Suggest coaches to feed for students, get them to pick up shuttles and rotate to practice
  • Give worker time to move, hit, recover and return to the base before serve again
  • If they are students cannot clear properly, move them to one group. Simplify the drill to cut down movement so they can focus on clear shot and less movement.

Games (25 min)

  • Modified half court singles with front court. Area before the service line is out (no net shots)
  • If 10 students or less, king’s court is a full court game
  • After every 3 minutes, the person with more points moves up towards the King’s court while the other person moves down
  • All students must keep their scores
  • Play for 8 rounds

Cool Down/Stretching (5 min)

  • Review today lesson with the students
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Groin

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