About Us

F-16 Badminton Club was incorporated on June 16, 2023 by a number of past Westlu coaches who had already run a series of multiple skill level junior programs from 2003 to 2023. They left the adult-oriented club and continued to pursue their vision, mission, and values at the F-16 Badminton Club.

In F-16 Badminton Club, there is no adult exclusive program. Each program executing under F-16 Badminton Club is designed with elements for juveniles. 

Our Vision

To grow the sport of badminton at all levels for juveniles.

Our Mission

To inspire, promote, and develop exceptional badminton experiences and programs for juveniles.

Our Values

To guide our policies and practices based on the principles of trust, respect, transparency, accountability, and equal opportunities in badminton sport.


(rotating office)


Henry Wong; FEC, P.Eng., Ph.D. (UBC), B.Sc. (Surrey)

Henry Wong was the President of the Board of Badminton BC (2017-2022) and Westlu Badminton (2008-2018). Henry is an active badminton player, NCCP certified coach and Badminton BC accredited umpire. Henry is a professional engineer in the aerospace discipline and also a sessional lecturer of the University of British Columbia. He is also a choir conductor, a string quartet violinist / violist, a freelance background vocalist, music composer, editor, and producer.

Head Coach

James Cham; B.Comm. (Curtin)

Volunteer coach at Westlu Badminton (2017 – 2023), Head Coach at Westlu Badminton (2021 – 2023). James is a badminton enthusiast.  He trains regularly and has participated in Masters tournaments in BC. James is NCCP certified badminton coach who enjoyed helping younger kids to develop their fundamental skill in badminton sport. James works as a Data Integration Engineer in the healthcare IT industry.


Esmond Kwong; B.A. (U of T)

Esmond first started playing badminton recreationally at a young age. About 8 years ago, his interest in badminton resurfaced because he watched his son grow in his badminton skills through class when he was young. This is where he met our president Henry Wong, who offered him the position to be a coach. Esmond accepted this position and found what is now his passion: to help kids like his son to not only play badminton well, but also to enjoy the sport and to be more skillful in their abilities. Recently, he received his Shuttle Time coaching certification in the June of 2023. He still plays recreationally with other coaches and friends, but he also trains competitively at Vancouver Racquets Club. He coached at Westlu for two years (2021 to 2023) as a volunteer coach, teaching the beginner class. At F-16, he hopes to see young players like the ones in his previous class improve, and wishes to see them grow into future athletes.

( F-16 alludes to 16 feathers in a standard shuttlecock )